Thanks and Contacts



After such a long wait since our last litter it was important to try and do our utmost to give the puppies the best of care possible.

For our whelping boxes we chose Premier Animal Housing’s Premier Thermo Whelping Box capped in aluminium for durability and insulated they are hygienic and easy to clean, the actual floor inside the box is  raised off the ground and the front sections are in 2 pieces. Thanks to Steve Cox and his team for the fast, super service provided.


With 2 litters on the go bedding is important ProFleece were able to supply and deliver a 5 metre roll of their high quality bedding at a very reasonable price. Many thanks Bob and Paul.


Lancashire K9 Services provided Sperm Analysis and Puppy Scanning. Thanks to John for the calm and efficient way he dealt with our dogs and the advice offered.



Many thanks to Anne & Mal at Big Paw Embroidery for their fantastic jackets and adding crystals to enhance Liz & Andrew’s show attire